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Homebuying Information


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Representing you as a buyers agent......

I Explain the various forms of financing that are possible.

I Give you an accurate estimate of the total cash required to purchase a home.

I Show you any home available for sale,
regardless of which real estate company has it listed or advertised.

I Give you facts on past appreciating rates for neighborhoods.

I Help you obtain a mechanical inspection of the property.

I Walk through the home with you prior to settlement.

I Attend closing with you and help explain all closing documents.

I Keep you informed along the entire way.

I Keep in touch after the sale.

I will work for you full-time as a professional buyer's agent, to help you buy the home of your choice, using my expertise to make buying a home a smooth and pleasant experience.

In helping you find a home I will:

1. Go over your home requirements, wants and special needs, location descriptions, and financial requirements.
2. Show you the area you select while locating schools, shopping areas, and recreational facilities.
3.  Provide information on all homes available in the areas of your choice.

To assist you in choosing a home I will:

1.  Discuss the economic benefits and drawbacks of each home in relation to your financial position and specific needs.
2. Show you the necessary information on taxes, covenants, and local laws.
3. Prepare a complete estimate of settlement costs for any home that you wish to make an offer.

To assist you in buying a home I will:

1.  Introduce you to several financial lenders and help you obtain the best terms for the purchase of your home.
2.  Explain all financing alternatives such as Conventional loans, ARM loans, FHA loans and VA loans.
3.  Assist you in applying for a mortgage loan  as a first time home buyer if you meet the requirements.
4. Help you in negotiating the purchase of the property.
5.  Accompany you to final settlement, making sure you understand the entire settlement process.


Christine Ruffenach Century 21 Alliance (610)524-4004 Ext. 42